INSIGHT @ RethinkBig

INSIGHT was represented by Dr. Ioannis Katakis (University of Athens) at the RethinkBig meeting in Madrid. The objective of the RETHINK big Project is to bring together the key European hardware, networking, and system architects with the key producers and consumers of Big Data to identify the industry coordination points that will maximize European competitiveness in the processing and analysis of Big Data over the next 10 years. Specifically, RETHINK big will deliver a strategic roadmap for how technology advancements in hardware and networking can be exploited for the purpose of data analytics while also taking into consideration advancements in applications, algorithms and systems.

Ioannis Katakis, representing INSIGHT, was invited to participate in the working group „Future Internet and Social Networking“ as an external expert.

More information about the RethinkBig project at this URL:

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