13. Februar 2019

Final Plenary Meeting at Lille, France

Our final meeting took place at Lille France where also the second mining urban data workshop was located. Thanks to everybody for an excellent collaboration. See you at the Final Review!
13. Februar 2019

New ‚CrowdAlert‘ Traffic App

A new App for Android smartphones that receives feedback from the citizens of Dublin is now available on Google Store. To download the app and find out more information on how it works. Search for ‚CrowdAlert‘ on Google Store (or follow this link): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gr.aueb.boutsis.crowdalert.app
13. Februar 2019

Live Drive article on Crowd Alert App

Live Drive (Dublin City Council’s radio station) published an article on the INSIGHT Crowd Alert mobile application. More details bellow: link
10. Februar 2019


INSIGHT: Intelligent Synthesis and Real-tIme Response using Massive Streaming of Heterogeneous Data The instrumentation of the world with diverse sensors, smart phones, and social networks acquires exascale data that offer the potential of enhanced science and services. In particular, a better societal management of the overall cycle of disaster monitoring […]