EDBT/ICDT, March 24-28, 2014 – Athens, Greece

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Recently, the establishment of innovative technologies related to mobile or wearable computing and smart city infrastructure led to the continuous massive generation of heterogeneous data. For example, sensors established in junctions can estimate the volume of traffic at the specific spot. These sensors nowadays form networks that are able to track the vehicle / transport flow of an entire city. Moreover, GPS sensors installed on public transport (e.g. buses) can create similar city pictures since delays can be tracked and utilized to monitor problems around the city. In addition, citizens constantly interact with mobile sensors in their smart-phones or use wearable technologies (e.g. in shoes) that track their activity. At the same time micro-blogging applications like Twitter provide a new stream of textual information that can be utilized to capture events, trends or sentiment. The purpose of the MUD workshop is to discuss the research challenges that arise due to the introduction of such data.

All workshop papers will be published by ACM and archived in ACM Digital library

A selection of the presented papers will be invited to prepare an extended and revised version for a Special Issue

The workshop is organized by the consortium of the EU Project INSIGHT. For more information please visit the website of the project by clicking the logo below.

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