Third Year Deliverable

Release date: 

August 31, 2015

Annual Report - Summary

A Map of Third Year Deliverables: Guide for studying INSIGHT's third year deliverables.

Deliverable 2.3: The System Integration, Documentation, and Evaluation Report

Deliverable 3.3: Report on the Development of the System and the Relevant Analysis Methods

Deliverable 4.2: Report on the development of an active learning and crowd sourcing methodology

Deliverable 5.2: Report on the integration and the evaluation of the alarming, visualization and prediction component

Deliverable 6.2: Implementation of Scenarios, Validation and Assessment Report

Deliverable 7.2: Project Dissemination and Exploitation Report and Web enabled public Project Showcase

Deliverable 7.3: INSIGHT Workshop Proceedings

Deliverable 7.4: Exploitation Plan